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ServicesWith a tonnage handling of currently 12.000to per year, we still have capacity for your order. We will make you an offer you can rely on.

Our range of services includes repackaging, packaging & logistics and leaves nothing to be desired. Let us convince you with our possibilities and know-how.

Our core competencies:

  • Storage of chemical products – with focus on food chemistry
  • Ensilage of goods into silo trucks or big bags
  • Bagging of big bags and 25kg bagged cargo
  • Neutralization and re-labeling of all kinds of goods
  • Repackaging in all types of containers
  • Packaging of moist granules (e.g. sulphate)

800m2 of our total 2500m2 storage area have a ceiling height of 10m. Bulk solids can therefore be tipped in our warehouse. 250m2 are specially heated, with 100m2 certified for food only.